Vision and mission


The Interwinn Group is a leading international company for the manufacturing of furniture, technical installation, office furniture and supplies, facility resources and document solutions for projects in the healthcare, non for profit, education, government and commercial sector.
In close cooperation with our clients, we create innovative, sustainable structures and we create a functional and pleasant working, residence and living environment for all stakeholders.


By the growing world population the demand for care gets higher. In addition, profit and not for profit organizations grow through mergers. The need for partners to make changes in these large organizations and who a capable of coordinating large projects grow. The Interwinn Group has proven to be capable of managing these projects and is able to innovate and is investing continuously in good people and resources over the past 70 years and it will also take these challenges in the future.

Cultural values

The interwinn culture consists of the values we share and the way we behave.

  • Professionalism and dedication
  • Passion and ingenuity
  • Integrity, openness, respect and team spirit
  • Care for people around us